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i am starting to catch up with the last few weeks i didn't write...

anyway, my live is going to be ok. i still miss the us and all of you guys but i know you will be in my heart for ever!!!

thank you apple for your comment. it is good to hear from you by time! and i am pretty sure that we all will see each other again, someday.
and anthea, it was great to hear from you as well.
mallisa, zsu and celine, how are u??? i haven't talked to you for a quit long time. i try to get in touch to you over the msn, again. i haven't really been online the last week...

my life is simply the same. my work is being stressfull, we have had a 'open kindergarten' last week and christmas is comming up very soon. lots of things to organize for a good christmas time for the children and for ourselves.
i went to a couple of parties over the weekend, some of them were great, some of them not. well, it's not bad.
now, i feel sick again. but it is just a cold, i will came over it after a couple days.

ooh, and you have to wait for new pictures, unfortunately, i don't have time to do it.

take care and lots of hugs

26.11.05 17:40

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