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hey everybody!
a thanks to zsuzsanna who remind me of writing in my blog...

i know, it's been a while since i said 'hi' to you. but i promise you guys i am doing better, now.

so, to my life.
i went through a tough time, living my 'old live' here in germany again. the first two weeks were hard. i had a second culture shock and just wanted to go back to the u.s., again.
so, to everybody who is still there, be glad you are there. being home is not really better, trust me. actually, the opposite is better.... (you see, i want to go back)
everything is the same here, but i changed and everything seems so boring to me.
and now, 4 weeks later everything is ok. i can't say it's good but it's ok. i am doing all right. i started working the second week after one week vacation. i am a kindergarten teacher but after the first day (actually after this fantastic year in the us!) i felt i can not do that again! this is just not the thing i wanted to do for the rest of my life. i didn't enjoy my work anymore.
and the end of the story is that i started looking around what to do next. and i am still doing it (which sucks 'cause it makes me unhappy and unsatisfied).
i fell myself in a hole and don't know a way to go out!
but, slowly i am feeling better and can accept being back in germany and it takes time to look for another job somewhere.
jeaah, just somewhere but not in germany!
may be the u.s., again ...or brazil, south afrika,...

i let you know what's going on and it's nice to hear from you guys as well.
under the line 'g?stebuch' you can write me whatever you want and i can read it. or you just write me a mail.
under 'bilder' you can see some pictures from me, just in case you forget how i look like.

i want to know how are you doing
and i love u and miss u a lot!!!!

hugs and kisses

22.10.05 21:08

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Zsuzsanna (23.10.05 21:37)
Hi Moni,

finally some news from you.
I told you, it is not easy at all to go back to your country and to live the same life. It just doesn't work anymore. The people around you can be the nicest people on the earth and probably they want you the best. But still... eyes wide shut. But don't worry, you are not alone. I still miss the US and you guys but it is not the end of something, it is the beginning of your new life wherever it is.

Take care,
miss ya

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